Excellent observation and application of joining two very useful methods: OKR and Value Stream. It works in "real life" too. Even better!

We were working a department level OKR effort, we recognized the missing resource to provide the capability to deliver the value. This spawned a h/r and recruiting project. It nicely illustrates the cross functional work needed to deliver the k/r.

I like the combined model starting from the v/stream to answer the question "should we invest and upgrade our xyz software?" i've asked clients to respond to the "customer > value > v/stream" thought. it directs the discussion away from "the new software will do <something> faster" to "how will the new software help our department become a better business partner?" Perhaps the software may provide useful functionality that we current don't have inhouse: gap capability/resource. now we can have a valuable trade-off / funding discussion.



Marc Hadd

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